About Ben

Ben Bechar is a British-born entrepreneur, blogger and a leading expert in social interaction design.

A background in robotics combined with a passion for behavioral psychology and founding two social platforms, led Ben to develop methodologies for modeling human interaction. The ability to quantify social behavior resulted in the creation of Social interaction design - a systematic approach to increasing engagement, retention and referral by architecting user's interactions.

Ben talks, writes and teaches his methods to companies looking to improve their user's social interactions, by helping them build products capable of triggering conversations, cultivating relationships and scaling community.

Since moving to New York in 2012, Ben founded Eshac, a social network for unsigned musicians that used data to predict success; DatingDevs, a dating course for developers in NY; and Maslow, a social interaction platform designed to increase the depth and breadth of conversations between friends and family.

In his spare time Ben enjoys advertising new founders, running social experiments and stone sculpture. Ben holds degrees in Robotics from the University of Leeds.


Maslow Logo.png


A social interaction platform designed to trigger new conversations between friends 

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A New York based class, coaching developers how to improve their dating skills 


A social network for unsigned musicians that used behavioral data to predict artist's success.